The Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee in 2024


Milwaukee was elected unanimously. The other finalist, Nashville, was paralyzed by local politics after the city council there seemed wary of welcoming the big Republican rally.

There was no hesitation in Milwaukee, a predominantly Democratic city. Mayor Cavalier Johnson, a Democrat, was an avid supporter and the downtown basketball arena, where the rally is likely to take place, is controlled by major Democratic donors.

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The convention is expected to be held in July or August 2024.

Even before Friday’s announcement, Wisconsin Republicans touted the convention as a springboard to the election of a Republican president in 2024.

“We are going to put on such a show in the RNC in 2024 that the people of Wisconsin will be so hungry for new leadership in the White House that they will vote overwhelmingly for our Republican candidate,” said former Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, who is running for governor, said this week during a campaign stop in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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