This fake grass is the most unexpected pet accessory you never knew you needed


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As a pet owner of five rescue dogs (plus four cats!), I’ve always been lucky enough to have a fairly large yard or pet-friendly walking area for my pups to do their job. As any puppy owner might know, the potty training process (and even well beyond) isn’t exactly foolproof – especially if you live in a carpeted place – no fun, trust me! When I heard about DoggieLawn, a subscription service that offers all-natural, real-life pet turf designed to be used indoors, I was automatically intrigued.

With so many of us returning to the office, part-time or full-time, our pets can be in shock after having us around and be left outside to defecate and pee when nature calls.

DoggieLawn shoppers are equally impressed by the unconventional (and totally genius) jars. “This stuff works great! Now I don’t have to get up every hour of the night to walk my dog,” wrote one reviewer. Oh, and it’s not just for dogs — cats, ducks, bunnies, and any other pet can benefit from DoggieLawn patches too. “First my rabbit sniffed it and that was it. It took her two days, but now she loves to jump on it and eat the grass,” says another customer. Prices start at about $30 and go up depending on the size you want.

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With so many of us returning to a traditional eight-hour day at the office a few times a week, we’re no doubt going to have to deal with a number of accidents as our dogs adjust to the fact that we’re out all day. DoggieLawn’s turfs are the perfect potty training solution because they can be used indoors, naturally block odors, and dogs really want to pee and defecate on real grass (just like when they’re outside!).

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Whether you’re potty trained and looking for a more functional alternative to the diaper-like potty training pads that don’t exactly work like a charm, worry about accidents all day while working in the office, going on vacation and worrying about your nanny maybe missing a beat, or just tired of having to take Fido out every few hours while having a Zoom conversation, DoggieLawn’s real grass, potty training patches are a game-changer.

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