Three out of five households recycle regularly: NEA survey


Most households knew that common home-generated recyclables, such as shampoo or detergent bottles, drink cartons, glass bottles, and plastic egg cartons, could be placed in the bins. recycling blue.

However, households were less aware of items that should not be dropped off for recycling. For example, around half of those surveyed believed that lint and polystyrene items could be recycled.

The survey also found that 72 percent were unaware that households did not need to sort their recyclables before putting them in blue recycling bins or recycling scraps.

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“To make recycling more convenient for households, Singapore has a single-stream recyclable collection system where households can place four types of recyclable materials – paper, plastic, glass and metal – in recycling bins and recycling scraps, ”NEA said.

“This not only saves households on the effort to separate recyclables at home, but also reduces the carbon footprint of collecting recyclables, compared to the multiple truck trips required for separate collection of recyclables. different streams of recyclable materials. “

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The agency noted that if Singapore does not reduce waste production, the Semakau landfill is expected to be full by 2035 given the country’s current rate of waste disposal.

“Through recycling, we can not only divert waste from the Semakau landfill, but also turn waste into treasure and close the loop of resources as part of a circular economy.

Currently, all HDB blocks have one per-block recycling bin or recycling chute, while tiered houses each have a dedicated recycling bin.

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In condominiums and private apartments, a recycling bin is also provided for each residential block. These bins, as well as the trucks dedicated to collecting recyclable materials, are all colored blue to differentiate them from general bins and garbage collection trucks.



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