Trevor Reed: Brittney Griner faces ‘serious’ health threats in Russian prison


Trevor Reed, a US citizen recently released from a Russian prison, told TSTIME that WNBA star Brittney Griner will face “serious threats” to her health if she is sent to a labor camp.

Driving with the news“Anyone who is in a forced labor camp in Russia, of course, you know, faces serious threats to their health because of malnutrition,” he told TSTIME in an interview. “There’s little to no medical help there.”

  • Reed said the tuberculosis disease “is rampant in Russian prisons” and that there are “diseases that they have there in Russia that are now largely extinct in the United States.”
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Looking back: Reed, a Naval veteran released through a prisoner exchange earlier this year, was held in a Russian prison for 985 days after he was accused of assaulting a Russian law enforcement officer, USA Today reports.

  • Reed was sentenced to nine years in a labor camp and suffered health problems during his stay there, including multiple cases of COVID-19. He previously described conditions in labor camps as “medieval,” according to USA Today.
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The big picture: Griner was found guilty of drug possession by a Russian court last week and sentenced to nine years in prison, TSTIME’ Ivana Saric reports.

  • The verdict comes nearly six months after she was arrested at a Russian airport when authorities said they found a vape cartridge containing hash oil in her luggage.

What’s next: Griner can appeal the decision, meaning she will remain in a detention center until it is completed, Reed told TSTIME. Otherwise, she’ll probably be sent to a labor camp.

  • But Russia can leave her in Moscow if a prisoner swap is on the table, he added.
  • Reed said Griner’s case is “clearly political. There’s no denying that.”
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