Twitter wants to diversify beyond advertising, but is it possible?


“It’s not a bad idea to find a way to charge users for premium features and monetize users,” said Enberg.

But she said the perks Twitter offered may not have been attractive enough, and that the authentication aspect should be more of a security feature than a monetization feature.

Finally, because paid subscribers – arguably the most active on the network – would see 50 percent fewer ads than non-paying users, the plan would “reduce the quality and size of the addressable audience for advertisers.”

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Some newer platforms try to do without advertising at all, with no guarantee of long-term viability.

For example, on Discord, a social network for live discussions, subscribers can access more emoticons.

And on the fledgling photo-sharing app BeReal, users can avoid ads with in-app purchases for extra features, according to the TSTIME.


Twitter had about 230 million daily active users in June, and Musk has continued to congratulate himself on growing that number since acquiring the company.

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But more users doesn’t necessarily translate into dollars.

Snapchat, which also launched a paid version in June, has been gaining more and more users, but not necessarily money.

Faced with this reality, platforms compete for content creators to attract and retain audiences – and either take commission or make them pay for the promotion of their posts and videos.

This represents “a really big opportunity” for Twitter, Enberg said.

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Twitter “has many celebrities and well-known influencers, politicians and journalists” with whom it could form a mutually financially beneficial relationship, she said.

Milanesi added that while the network already offers some promotional tools, they are “quite expensive and not very effective”.



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