UFO ‘in Earth Orbit’ Is ‘100 Percent Proof Aliens Are Watching Us’, Says Observer


Giant UFO ‘several times bigger’ than International Space Station is ‘100% proof’ of aliens, says space enthusiast

Scott Waring shared a snap on his UFO Sightings Daily website, of a reddish-brown object he says is orbiting Earth.

As someone who has kept his eyes glued to the live feed from the space station for the past six years, Scott says he experiences a rare sighting when he sees one.

He also rejects any suggestion that he simply confused the moon with a UFO.

Posting his discovery on Wednesday, a stunned Scott said: “Watch this live footage from the space station taken today and you’ll see a close-up of a huge spherical UFO rising into Earth orbit.

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Scott claims the UFO is aliens watching us

“It’s not the moon. The moon is 5 times bigger and brighter.

“This object is much smaller, oval in shape and has unique red/green colors.”

The teacher from Taiwan thinks there is no other explanation for what was captured on camera, other than an alien-controlled spacecraft.

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Scott told his 40,000 readers: “I and others have seen such UFOs orbiting Earth’s Moon, but this event is very rare to see orbiting Earth. This UFO is several times larger than the space station.

international space station
The UFO was recorded in Earth orbit from the International Space Station

“Absolutely incredible capture and 100% proof that aliens are watching Earth.”

Scott recently thanked his audience for donating to his fundraiser so he could afford a brand new computer capable of fulfilling his demands as a UFO detective.

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A Google Maps user is looking for help identifying a possible UFO he thinks he saw in Antarctica.

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Reddit user @Leesoy posted a screenshot of the Ice Continent’s satellite view after spotting the mysterious object.

The Pentagon is opening a new office to investigate UFOs – but not everyone is sold on the idea.

US officials signed on to the elite team of UFO specialists late last year, with the goal of discovering and identifying UFOs, some of which may be considered national security threats.



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