Undisputed: Exclusive interview with Roy Jones and new gameplay and Mo-Cap video


Always great, Roy Jones Jr. is one of many Hall-of-Fame fighters on the Undisputed boxing roster. The game will be in early access on January 31, and Steel City has provided me with exclusive gameplay footage of RJJ in action and of him personally mocapping his moves in the game.

RJJ had such a distinct style that the legend and development studio felt it appropriate to let the man himself capture his moves. Watch the video with RJJ.

Here’s a look at some exclusive videos of RJJ in action in the game.

I had the opportunity to ask the 54-year-old legend a few questions about his participation in the game and his illustrious career.

Brian Mazique: You have participated in boxing games in the past; talk about how and if this experience with Undisputed has been different.

Roy Jones Jr.: It (Undisputed Boxing) has more advanced options and moves, making it more realistic.

BM: You have had many outstanding achievements and victories throughout your career. Which win gave you the most satisfaction and why?

RJJ: (Montell) Griffin’s rematch was the most satisfying for me because it felt like I made a false comeback.

Jones had lost a controversial first fight against Griffin in March 1997. Jones was in control of the fight and he defeated Griffin in the 7th round. However, Jones was disqualified in the ninth round for hitting Griffin while taking a knee. Jones was on two of the judges’ three scorecards at the time of the disqualification.

It was Jones’ first professional loss and he did not lose another fight for seven years.

BM: I once heard Mike Tyson say his left hook was his best hit, but no one ever talks about it. We know your instincts, reflexes, speed and confidence, but which of your gifts or skills do you think was most underrated or least celebrated?

RJJ: My defense was seriously underrated. First person in Compubox history to complete an entire round without getting hit and against a damn fighter.

That “damned fighter” was Vinny Pazienza, and Jones threw the aforementioned shutout in the fourth round of their June 1995 fight. Jones would stop Pazienza, a two-time world champion, in the sixth frame.

Jones will be a playable fighter in four weight divisions (heavyweight, crusierweight, light heavyweight, and middleweight) when early access begins on January 31. Stay tuned for a full review after it’s released.



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