Watch LeBron James crash into the front row of LA Lakers by fans


LA Lakers fans looking to see LeBron James up close got more than they bargained for when he crashed through the front row in a game against the LA Clippers.

The incident occurred on Tuesday during the third quarter of the game, when the Lakers trailed by 14 points. Clippers star Kawhi Leonard was in possession, but the four-time NBA champion seemed to have other ideas.

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The 38-year-old rushed to claim a turnover and was successful with his stealing. However, the ball went clearly out of bounds and while trying to keep it in play, James crashed into the spectators on the course and fell onto his back.

With the front row taking the full impact of James’ 113kg frame, the arena gripped and commentators expressed concern for the 38-year-old, as he remained lying on the ground. Seconds later, however, James was back on his feet and returned to the court seemingly unharmed.

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The arena erupted in applause and soon after, play resumed. After realizing that James was unharmed, many NBA fans began to see the comedic side of the incident.



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