Watch the daredevil ‘one second from death’ plunge down a tangled parachute


A PARAGLIDER is lucky to be alive after BOTH parachutes failed to open in an air stunt that went wrong.

Kevin Philipp plunged from about 2,600 feet above the Pyrenees in Catalonia, Spain, narrowly escaping death – he captured the entire terrifying fall in a shocking video.


Kevin Philipp captured his near-death experience in a shocking videoCredit: Kevin Philipp via Storyful
He posted the terrifying clip to his YouTube channel after surviving the 2,600-foot fall


He posted the terrifying clip to his YouTube channel after surviving the 2,600-foot fallCredit: Kevin Philipp via Storyful

After attempting an advanced “acro-paragliding” trick in the air, the 34-year-old became entangled in his own lines and was unable to open his safety parachute.

With breakneck speed he raced toward the mountain peaks.

Miraculously, Kevin managed to pull in his rescue pack and pull the rescue chute out manually, saving his own life without losing a second.

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Terrifying footage from his helmet camera shows the stuntman’s quick thinking while he was in free fall.

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The parachute can eventually be opened to slow his speed slightly before Philipps crashes into a tree.

The Swiss paraglider posted the alarming video to his YouTube channel on August 1, telling how “strong turbulence” messed up his lines.

In the caption, he wrote: “The fall rate increased enormously due to the rotating wing. The very last chance was to open the rescue package manually.

“Estimated time (before impact) was about 1-2 seconds left. This was not the day to die!”

He added: “This opportunity is rather unfortunate and rare. Just to keep in mind. Fly high, land safely.”

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Speaking later about the petrified fall, Philipps told The Times that he thought of his mother in what he thought were his last moments.

The professional paraglider said he regretted never seeing him perform.

Before hitting the ground, Philipps said, “I thought ‘I don’t want to die like that,’ so I really put everything together to try and make it work.”

He added: “The only solution was to pull [the rescue parachute] out of the package. I had to open it with my bare hands, which is super unusual.”

But the near-death experience has not deterred the national record holder from the extreme sport.

Since the scare, he has posted more videos of him soaring through the air as he prepares for the Swiss Championships in two weeks.

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“I’ll fly more consciously,” he said. “And I hope it stays a little safer.”

Philipp’s fright follows another life-saving paraglider move in June, also captured in a chilling video.

Yanis Teriz, 35, plunged 2,500 feet after his paramotor’s wing malfunctioned, but managed to untangle his parachute with minutes left.

The daredevil adventurer was paramotoring — motorized paragliding — in Itatiba, Brazil, when a tear in his wing caused him to spiral out of control.

Dramatic footage shows the disturbance sending it to Earth.

Still, some similar stories tell a tragic tale, because not every paraglider can be so lucky.

Daredevil pilot Marcelo Nunes Rodrigues was said to have been burned to death two months ago when his plane crashed into the ground in Aparecida de Goiania, Brazil.

Firefighters rushed to the scene but were unable to resuscitate the 52-year-old paraglider, who was found dead in a field.

Rodrigues’ last moments were captured in grim video footage.

Just before Philipp was about to try the advanced trick


Just before Philipp was about to try the advanced trickCredit: Kevin Philipp via Storyful
He then got caught up in his own lines


He then got caught up in his own linesCredit: Kevin Philipp via Storyful
Then he desperately tried to open his parachute while in free fall


Then he desperately tried to open his parachute while in free fallCredit: Kevin Philipp via Storyful


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