WCC February-April quota drops to lowest level in eight years


SINGAPORE: The certificate of eligibility (COE) quota for February through April has been set at 10,452 – continuing to drop to its lowest level in eight years.

The latest quota is a drop from the 10,590 that were available from November 2021 to January 2022.

It is also the lowest level in eight years since the period from February to April 2014, when 9,127 centers of excellence were available.

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in October last year that the vehicle growth rate would be kept at zero until January 31, 2025, due to land constraints and competing needs and as the number of vehicles in Singapore is approaching one million.

However, on an exceptional basis, commercial vehicles and buses will be allowed to grow by 0.25% per year.

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For the period from February to April, category A (cars up to 1,600 cm3 and 97 kW) will have a quota of 3,187, lower than the 3,190 of the previous quarter.

Category B (cars over 1,600 cm3 and 97 kW) will have a quota of 3,299, against 3,521.

Category C freight vehicles and buses will have a quota of 457, up from 540 in the previous quarter.

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The quota for category D (motorcycles) also increased from 2,468 to 2,427.

Category E centers of excellence, which are open to all vehicles except motorcycles, will have a quota of 1,082, an increase from 871 in the previous quarter.

Auctions under this quota will begin on the first Monday in February.



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