Who went home with ‘The Bachelor’? Find out I didn’t get a rose from Zach Shallcross


Ever since Zach Shallcross chose to leave Season 19 of “The Bachelorette,” we’ve been dying to know: Did he find love after the show ended?

Clearly, we weren’t the only ones who fell for the 26-year-old tech executive, as TSTIME recently selected him as the newest star of “The Bachelor.”

During season 27 of the show, which premiered on Jan. 23, Shallcross will get to know 30 ladies in hopes of finding true love.

The Eligible Bachelor’s biography describes him as a “family man at heart” who is both “charismatic” and “endearing.” While looking for love, Shallcross considers his parents’ 30+ year marriage as an example of success.

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“He strives to find a love that matches the standard they have set for him, and intends to keep them in mind when looking for a life partner,” his biography reads.

Will Shallcross find his soulmate? Check back each week for a rundown of who stayed, who left, and what happened at the end of the episode.

Episode 1

Courting 30 women at once is no small feat, but Shallcross looked up for the challenge in the Season 27 premiere. Greer Blitzer received the rose as a first impression, putting her in the safe zone, along with Brianna Thorbourne who won a rose during the “After the Final Rose” ceremony. Things weren’t so rosy for Madison Johnson: Zach told the North Dakota native that he saw no future with her.

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Unfortunately, he only had a limited number of roses to hand out, and the 26-year-old had to make some tough decisions.

Christina Mandrell, Charity Lawson, Bailey Brown, Jess Girod, Genevie Mayo, Davia Bunch, Aly Jacobs, Brooklyn Willie, Kaity Biggar, Anastasia Keramidas, Kylee Russell, Gabi Elnicki, Katherine Izzo, Mercedes Thorthup, Ariel Frenkel, Victoria Jameson, Kimberly Gutierrez and Cat Wong all got roses.

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That means the following women have been sent home.

Becca Serrano

Bekka. (Ricky Middlesworth/TSTIME)

Kara Ammon

Cara.  (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Cara. (Ricky Middlesworth/TSTIME)

Holland Parsons

Holland.  (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Holland. (Ricky Middlesworth/TSTIME)

Lekha Ravi

Lekha.  (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Lekha. (Ricky Middlesworth/TSTIME)


Madison.  (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Madison. (Ricky Middlesworth/TSTIME)

Olivia Lewis

Olivia L. (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Olivia L. (Ricky Middlesworth/TSTIME)

Olivia Miller

Olivia M. (Ricky Middlesworth / ABC)

Olivia M. (Ricky Middlesworth / TSTIME)

Sonia Sharma

Sonia.  (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Sonia. (Ricky Middlesworth/TSTIME)

Vanessa Dinh

Vanessa.  (Ricky Middlesworth/ABC)

Vanessa. (Ricky Middlesworth/TSTIME)

Victoria Eichner

Victoria E. (Ricky Middlesworth / ABC)

Victoria E. (Ricky Middlesworth / TSTIME)

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