Winning elections more important than party unity, according to Starmer


ir Keir Starmer will unveil his vision for “the future of our country” on Wednesday after facing off against the Labor left at the party’s annual rally.

He will seek to speak to the nation after days of bitter clashes at the Brighton conference on internal party reforms, including rules for electing leaders.

“Last year I had to deliver the entire speech into a camera barrel with another person in the room, and no reaction from anyone,” he told the TSTIME on Tuesday, referring to his online conference speech last year due to Covid. restrictions.

“Tomorrow I will be in front of thousands of our members and supporters, and I can’t wait to be there.

“This is an opportunity for me to expose where I think the future of our country lies, I haven’t had this opportunity yet and I will really take it tomorrow.”

Labor centrists at the annual conference are gloating after party reforms were pushed forward, including on leadership election rules, even though they had to be watered down to gain sufficient support.

In contrast, leftists strongly criticize Sir Keir over the reforms, accusing him of starting the division and not unveiling enough policies to move the party forward.

The Labor leader insisted that winning an election is more important than unity, as he said Andy McDonald was “wrong” to say the divide has widened within the party since he took over. had succeeded Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labor leader was also refusing to reinstate the party whip to Mr Corbyn until he apologized for his controversial remarks in response to a report on anti-Semitism within the party.



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