World Bank president should ‘not mince words’ about climate adviser White House


By Valerie Volcovici

PITTSBURGH (Reuters) – A top climate adviser to President Joe Biden said Friday that the World Bank head should “be not mince words” about the scientific consensus on climate change and be out of step with the American public.

John Podesta, who was appointed earlier this month to oversee the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act’s $370 billion in climate spending, criticized World Bank president David Malpass at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum in Pittsburgh without him. to be mentioned by name.

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Malpass said earlier on Friday that none of the shareholders of the global development bank has asked him to step down, despite a wave of criticism this week after Malpass declined to say whether he accepts the scientific consensus that burning fossil fuels is reducing global warming. caused.

Asked if Malpass should step down, Podesta told Reuters on the sidelines of the conference, “Malpass should represent the people the World Bank serves.”

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Podesta told the audience at the global energy event that Malpass’s public doubts about climate change, which Malpass later receded, is a worrying sign that not all those in power accept the scientific consensus that humans have caused climate change.

“I would especially like to say that it is time for a leader of an organization that responds to billions of poor people around the world to not mince words that the science is real,” he said.

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(Reporting by Valerie Volcovici; editing by Chris Reese)


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