WWE plans to change the name of the structure “Elimination Chamber”


Dave Meltzer reports that WWE is considering changing the name of the Elimination Chamber structure.

Meltzer tweeted: “WWE is considering renaming Elimination Chamber to ‘WrestleMania Chamber’. Not official until announced.

It was reported this week that WWE are planning to use the structure for their return to Saudi Arabia next month, but there are negative connotations with the phrase in some parts of the world.

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In Germany, Elimination Chamber’s pay-per-view events are referred to as “No Escape”, as the company wanted to avoid connotations related to the gas chambers used during the Holocaust during World War II.

Nothing is confirmed until it is announced and WWE has not said why they plan to change the name, but the reasons mentioned above may explain why they plan to call the structure the ‘WrestleMania’. Chamber”. WWE has yet to officially announce the date of their return to Saudi Arabia.


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