X Factor star may have drowned in Port after being hunted by a gang, PI claims


MISSING rugby and X Factor star Levi Davis may have drowned after being hunted by criminals with £100,000 in debt, it was reported.

The 24-year-old rugby player was last seen leaving an Irish pub in Barcelona on October 29 and police said his passport had been found in the port area of ​​the city.


Levi has been missing since OctoberCredit: Getty
The 24-year-old appeared on the X Factor


The 24-year-old appeared on the X FactorCredit: Rex Features
His desperate family has asked for information


His desperate family has asked for informationCredit: DELIVERED

His family hired a private investigator to find Levi amid reports that his debit card and phone hadn’t been used since he disappeared.

But it is now being reported that Levi may have incurred huge debts to Somali criminals as his party lifestyle spiraled out of control.

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An unnamed member of the private detective team told La Vanguardia newspaper: “Davis came to Barcelona on the run from these criminals.

“He had adopted a crazy lifestyle and was in a very delicate situation. The truth is that he was sure they were chasing him.

“He was even convinced that they had tried to poison him once.”

The amount he owed was estimated at around £115,000, which is just under £102,000.

Somali mafia claims surfaced in Spain when it emerged that his family pressured Spanish police to investigate a possible drowning in the port of Barcelona.

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Levi’s passport was found nearby and fears grew that he had been set up after making an appointment with someone he had met on social media.

It comes as Good Morning Britain reported that private investigator Gavin Burrows told the program he feared Levi might have drowned in Barcelona harbour.

GMB said the man in distress was in the water in the port area, close to a nearby cruise ship.

A search was conducted, but no body was found, and everyone was accounted for, at least on the cruise ship.

But it wasn’t until some time later that police realized that Levi’s passport had been found in that same area, the program said.

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The incident was also reported in Spanish media, which said workers on the cruise ship alerted authorities that someone was in the sea

But the search was called off soon after as none of the passengers were missing.

Levi made the trip to Barcelona alone after spending a week in Ibiza, arriving in town around 7pm.

The rugby player turned reality star made an appearance on X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 with fellow rugby players Ben Foden and Thom Evans as part of the group Try Star.

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In 2020, he starred in the E4 dating series Celebs Go Virtual Dating.

The former Bath winger suffered from depression and had gone on holiday after a knee injury.


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